Pregnancy- 28 weeks 2 days

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This past month has gone by a lot more smoothly then the past couple. I’ve had just minor kidney stone attacks, ones that I’ve been able to handle at home. And My youngest is starting to get use to the fact she has T1D and needs to have a lot of shots. It’s still a struggle to get her to eat but we’re getting there.

I’m still extremely tired, but being pregnant will do that to you. I’m starting to have lower belly pain, I’m thinking this is because baby is sitting so low. He’s so different then my girls. My girls were up in my ribs all the time, he’s down on my bladder all the time. Him being so low has made it very difficult and extremely painful to walk. And I have to sleep with my feet slightly elevated to keep him from kicking my bladder all night.

I’m in my last trimester and I’m getting very excited to meet our little guy. I’m praying everyday he is protected from all the pain meds I’ve had to take and that he’s thriving well. I love him so much.

I also FINALLY got to see my OB, Dr Green. My old OB moved so I was nervous to have a new one, but I’m very happy with him. He is on top of all my issues and was very encouraging.

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How Far Along:
28 weeks 2 days

Total Weight Gain:
31lbs!! YIKES, I gained 10lbs this past month. I need to watch that a bit better.

Food Cravings:
Same as before, but add slurpees to the list- chocolate milk, Peanut butter w/ chocolate, pizza hut, popcorn and salads

Food Aversions:
Ground meat, anything too creamy, fish.

-braxton hicks have become stronger
-frequent urination in the middle of the night (becoming so tiresome but I know it’s just part of the pregnancy thing)
-Heart burn (I sleep almost sitting up now)
-itchy skin
-large tummy (I can’t shave my legs any more, lol)

With my kidney stones I have had a lot of ultrasounds. I’m thankful every time they say baby is looking good and has a strong heartbeat. I will have my next baby ultra-sound at 34 weeks, this is to make sure my placenta is not too low.

This Week, We’re Talking About…
We finally registered at Our theme will be jungle, Noah’s Ark type decor. We are really in need of a new stroller and baby monitors. You can find our registry by using this- Registry #61049405

I saw the OB for the first time yesterday. He’s really nice and I’m glad I get to work with him. I see him again in 2 weeks. We will plan my c-section then.
He said everything is measuring great with baby, heartbeat is great, growth is excellent. I asked him about baby sitting so low and the pressure I am feeling from it. He told me it’s perfectly normal and to just sit down if the pressure gets too much to handle.

Above is a format I adapted from Sippy Cup Mom. She recently had twin girls. She’s also one of my favorite blogs. Please go check her out.