“Being Me” by Lisa Renee Jones book reivew

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My Thoughts-
“Being Me” by Lisa Renee Jones

I actually read the first two books in the “Inside Out” Trilogy back to back. The first book is “If I Were You” and the second is “Being me”. I would recommend reading these books in order. There is a lot of info in the first one that you’ll need in order to understand what’s going on in the second book.

In “Being Me” Sara is still looking for Rebecca, the lady behind the hot and steamy journals. She’s also trying to learn to trust Chris, a very rich artist. On top of all that Sara is worry about her friend Ella, who has gone to France with a doctor she hardly knew but has married.

This book is very hot and steamy. I found myself out of breath sometimes reading it, as well as blushing a lot. I sort of felt like I was Sara, reading through Rebecca’s journal when I was reading this book. Like I was invading her personal story. But this book isn’t all about the “hot and steamy”, it has a lot of depth and is a really great mystery. I found myself wanting to read the book more for finding out what has happened to Ella and Rebecca more then wanting to read the “love scenes”. I think this makes it a really good book. Some books that have sexual content are just focused on that and little to do with a storyline. With the Inside Out books it’s more about the storyline and the mysteries to solve then about the sex, although the sex is a huge part of it.

I would recommend this book to those who like to read sexy romance books but with a mystery twist. Just a warning this is not like other books I review, there is sexual content in it. I loved these books and I can’t wait to get the last book, “Revealing Us”, coming out in September 2013.

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