Choose Justice: A Daily Lifestyle (DVD and Conversation Guide) review

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My Thoughts-
Choose Justice: A Daily Lifestyle (DVD and Conversation Guide) with Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne

This DVD Bible study series takes us on a journey to discover how our lives can help others. How making a few changes in how we spend our lives and our time can make a huge impact for Christ. The Bible Study is broken up into 6 sessions, ranging from 8:30 minutes to 9:30 minutes each. It also comes with a comprehensive study guide. Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne are sitting in what looks like a library, sharing their thoughts on each subject and what they are doing to make a change. It was actually really cool to watch them interact together, they both looks so different from each other but have the same goals and heart for serving God.

Before you watch each session you read a brief section in your study guide called “Discover”. It tells you what to expect in that session. You then watch the video. After that there is a “Discussion” section. It takes what both men said and expands on it. Helping you lead yourself or your small group in digging deeper into what you just saw. There is then a section called, “Decide”. It gives you an individual challenge as well as a group challenge on how you can apply this lesson in your life. The discussion guide then ends with a prayer.

I’ll be totally honest with you, at first I didn’t like this video. The quality was poor, sound was poor and I thought they were just talking a bunch of baloney. But after just watching a few sessions and going through the discussion guide, I realized I was missing the point. First off the series really focuses on how much do we need in our lives, how much do we need to spend on our lives? Once that thought hit me, I said to myself, “Why do they need to spend thousands of dollars on creating a high quality video when they could do a simple video and get the same point across, maybe even better then if they did spend more money on it.” What was discussed on the video was the important part, not the quality. Then I realized I thought it was a bunch of baloney because they were really talking to me and I didn’t want to listen. What they are sharing is tough to hear, tough to want to apply to my life, but something I need to do in my life.

I would recommend this DVD series to ALL Christians. It can be used as an individual or in a group. I know I’m going to see if my small group/Bible study group would like to do this. I know it will be a tough one to tackle, but one we all need. A Bible study shouldn’t be all fluff and easy. It should make you think, change your life and I think “Choose Justice” is one of these studies that will make you go deep into your heart.

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