Pregnancy- 32 weeks

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This past month was going along smoothly until this past 1.5 weeks. Last week my T1D daughter was rushed to the ER for a sugar low we couldn’t control. We found out she had an infection. The whole week after that her numbers just couldn’t be controlled. The day after her ER visit I was brought to the hospital. I had been having the “runs” and throwing up so much that I was cramping up. We were concerned I might be in labor. Turns out my husband and I both had a stomach virus. We’re still not 100% better but way better then last week.

Thankfully with all the stress and sickness the baby is still doing extremely well. They had him on a monitor while I was in the hospital and his heart rate was perfect and he was moving around like crazy. This little guy is a trooper. I can’t wait to tell him how strong is was growing inside me when he gets older.

This week we finally started setting up the house for baby. I feel the urgency to get things done soon, before I can’t do anything else. My body gets tired fast and it gets very sore of I move around too much. We finish one task on my LONG list of things to do this weekend. Hope to get the rest done before the end of July.

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How Far Along:
32 weeks

Total Weight Gain:
35lbs!! I’m still below the starting weight of my other two children, so that makes me feel good. I KNOW I will be back to pre-pregnancy weight before Christmas. I can’t wait to start running again.

Food Cravings:
Slurpees, chocolate milk, Peanut butter w/ chocolate, Pizza Hut (thin and crispy cheese and an order of regular bread sticks), chips and salads

Food Aversions:
Ground meat, anything too creamy, fish(can’t stand the smell).

-braxton hicks have become stronger and sometimes a bit too much for me to handle.
-Heart burn, so bad that I have a cough and sore throat for it (I sleep almost sitting up now)
-itchy skin, especially on the tummy
-large tummy (I can’t shave my legs any more, lol)
-pelvic pain- baby is sitting so low it’s hard to walk

I haven’t had any ultrasounds lately but I know I’ll have one around the 34 week mark.

This Week, We’re Talking About…
We are setting up all the bedrooms. The baby will be in our room for the first 4-6 months, so we had to rearrange our room to fit the bassinet and change table in it. We also moved our oldest daughter into a room of her own. And we will be setting up our youngest daughter’s room for her and baby, when he’s ready. We still have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do before this baby comes. I’m in a huge “nesting” mood lately.

We are Our theme will be jungle, Noah’s Ark type decor. We are really in need of a new stroller and baby monitors. You can find our registry by using this- Registry #61049405

DREAM STROLLER from Baby Trend (it’s on sale til July 18th, $100 off!! So wish we had the money to get it now)

I’ve seen my OB twice now and will see him again later this week. The last time I saw him we scheduled my c-section. Baby is planned to come Aug 27th. However both my other kids came way earlier then that, so we’ll see. I also had to redo my urine test because at my last appointment it had bacteria in it. And I had to redo my blood glucose test because my numbers came back too high. I’m hoping for good news on both of these when I see my OB this week.

Above is a format I adapted from Sippy Cup Mom. She recently had twin girls. She’s also one of my favorite blogs. Please go check her out.