Summer fun at African Lion Safari

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* Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a free tickets to facilitate my review. This post reflects my honest, personal opinion and experience with the company which may differ from yours. No monetary compensation was provided for this post.

My Thoughts-
The first time I ever visited African Lion Safari was on my honeymoon in 2000. I fell in love with the place the very first visit. Since then we have visited a couple of times with our kids, we usually always drive through ourselves. However this past weekend we visited African Lion Safari and took the tour bus. I have to say both ways of visiting is fun but from now on we will be using the tour bus. Our bus driver leads us through the park, telling us interesting facts about each animal and about the park and it’s history. The hour long bus ride felt like it was way shorter. Our bus driver was also very good at taking stops to allow for us to look at the animals and take photos. One thing I would suggest is if you’re wanting to get a lot of great photos of all the animals is if there are two adults going to sit one on each side of the bus. Then you won’t miss a thing. Of course my favorite part of the tour was the giraffes. I think I even cried a bit because they are so beautiful.


Because I’m pregnant and I’m on limited activity I had to rent a wheelchair for the day. It was very easy to rent one from African Lion Safari and the chair was nice and comfy to sit in all day. For the bus we had to ask for the handicap bus, there aren’t that many, so I suggest you get there early to reserve your spot on the bus.


After our bus ride we headed to the “African Queen” boat cruise. The boat is handicap accessible, that was a nice feature. The boat ride took about 10 minutes and we got to see more birds and primates. The ride was also very peaceful to be on. The only complaint I had was the boat was moving so fast and the tour guide went through the info so fast that I didn’t have a lot of time to take a good photo of the animals.


After our boat ride we headed to the “Nature Boy” Scenic Railway. The train takes you through beautiful marsh land. We saw a lot of geese and ducks, as well as dear and turtles. The wildlife was spectacular. I just wanted to sit on the train all day and take it all in. (The train is not handicap accessible, so if you cannot get out of a wheelchair you won’t be able to get on)


After taking all the rides we decided to walk around a bit. There is a petting zoo where you can pet goats, llamas, and other animals. My kids loved doing this and didn’t want to leave. The walk to there is on gravel, so it did make it hard to push a wheelchair through it. On our continued walk around the grounds we got to see all kinds of birds and monkeys in cages. One monkey wanted my attention so badly we kept shouting at me. We all laughed. It was hot out the day we went and all the birds had their wings spread open to keep cool. It was really amazing to see the Bald Eagle sitting like that, he’s so huge.

After walking around for a bit it was time for the Elephant Round-up. This is a little show put on by the elephants to demonstrate what they can do and to show off a little.The two elephants we saw you could tell were having so much fun. The showed us how the can sit on their bottoms and stand on their heads. They even showed us how they lay down to allow their trainers to check them to be sure there is no injuries. One of the elephants showed us how he used his trunk to pick up a loonie and the other elephant showed us how she can paint. Elephants are such amazing creatures, so big yet so dainty. This is always our favorite show to visit. I also wanted to add that there is designated areas for wheelchairs, all in really great locations, this made it nice for the whole family to sit together.


It was getting hot for us so we decided to skip the “Birds of Prey” and “Parrot Paradise” shows. We’ve seen these in the past and they are also so amazing. I love learning what the birds can do and why. Plus some of the birds love to show off for the crowd, it’s so funny.

After visiting the elephant round-up we headed to the Misumu Bay Wet Play area. This is a very huge splash pad for the whole family to enjoy. Before you enjoy the water though be sure to visit a lifeguard to get your height restriction arm band. You must be a certain height to go into some areas of the splash pad. I enjoyed sitting in the shade while watching my family splash around in the water. My oldest even did the water slides and was so proud of doing it. Usually the slides scare her but this year she had a blast with them. There were a lot of kids there running around so I would suggest you keep a close eye on your kids so they won’t get knocked over. After the kids were done splashing around I even stepped n for a few minutes. The water felt amazing.


After cooling off in the water our day was almost done but first we needed to visit the gift shop and food court. We allowed our girls to pick out a stuffed animal each to remember the day by then we headed to Mombasa Market Restaurant to pick up so pizza. The pizza tasted amazing and the kids each got a lunch box souvenir with their meals. On our way out of the park we ran into the mascot, Dandy Lion. My oldest was so excited to meet him and take a photo with him.


Our day was totally amazing. My girls keep asking to go back all the time now. And as a parent I loved going and seeing my kid’s face light up seeing all the animals and learning so much about them all.
If you’re planning a trip to Ontario, Canada I would highly suggest you add a visit to African Lion Safari to your list of fun things to do. Your day will be packed full of adventure, fun and learning.

My sleepy girl after a long, fun day.


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