“The Lone Ranger” review

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Chris’ Thoughts-
I was recently given the opportunity to watch a pre-screening of “The Lone Ranger” before it was released in theaters. I got to the theater a little bit later then I hoped and there was a huge line out the door. I was concerned if I would even make it in, but luckily I was within the last 50 let in and since I was by myself I was easily able to find a good single seat with a good view. The first 50 or so people in the theater received a white cowboy hat and a few other items curtsy of ‘The Calgary Stampede’ but unfortunately I missed out on that.

The movie started out in the 1930s in San Francisco (I know… I was a bit confused about the timing at first as well), but we soon see a young boy going into a traveling amusement park tent, with exhibits showing a history of the wild west. Dressed as the Lone Ranger, he walks through and looks at dioramas of ‘The Might Bison’ and a ‘Grizzly Bear’. He finally comes to a scene with a very old, wrinkled Native American in front of a Tipi. The boy sits and stairs at the man, when suddenly he comes to life and starts talking to the boy. He tells the boy that he is Tonto, and begins recounting his story and the story of the Lone Ranger. The two characters come up periodically as the boy might ask a question, or the story misses something, so he doubles back. It reminded me a lot of the same type of scenes in The Princess Bride.

The whole movie is great. Armie Hammer plays a great “Lone Ranger” starting out as a very stiff, young lawyer, but soon learns how wild the west is and grows into his hero role. Johnny Depp is outstanding and absolutely hilarious. He does an amazing job playing Tonto. The scenery and costuming were beautiful and there was a wide variety of emotions through the film from very serious, to intense action, to side splitting laughter from one liners and whitey dialogue.

Hans Zimmer’s score was very good and I am seriously considering buying the sound track to this one.

I would strongly recommend that you go see this movie. While it’s not for very young children, older kids through adults will enjoy the comedy, drama and action this movie brings.