Pregnancy- 36 weeks (The final countdown!)

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This is it!! The last month, or less of my pregnancy! I can’t believe the day is finally coming that we can meet our little guy. It’s been a tough journey but well worth it for my child, I love him already and I haven’t even officially met him yet.

This last month has been less eventful. That’s a good thing. The only issue I had was 3 weeks ago I thought I was going into labor, I was in a lot of cramping pain. Thankfully I was not in labor. I found out I have an irritable uterus. Basically I start to get painful cramps anytime baby moves around, or if I’m stressed, dehydrated, not emptying my bladder often enough or walking around too much. The OB said as long as I’m not having the cramps come in regular intervals I should not worry. He did suggest I lay down when they start and even take a warm bath to help with the pain and cramping.

We did a mini photo shoot with my family a few weeks ago. We didn’t do this with my first two kids and I wish we had. These turned out cute.


My next post here will be after baby arrives. I’m getting so excited!! I also hope to do a side-by-side of all the months so we can see how big I grew.

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How Far Along:
36 weeks

Total Weight Gain:
43lbs!! I’m still doing better then I did with the first two kids, so I’m proud of myself for that.

Food Cravings:
Slurpees, chocolate milk, Peanut butter w/ chocolate, Pizza Hut (thin and crispy cheese and an order of regular bread sticks), chips and salads

Food Aversions:
Ground meat- any kind hamburgers, sausages, loose ground meat. Doesn’t matter if it’s turkey, chicken or beef ground up- it’s all yuck to me. Fish(can’t stand the smell).

-irritable uterus
-Heart burn, so bad that I have a cough and sore throat for it (I sleep almost sitting up now)
-large tummy)
-pelvic pain- baby is sitting so low it’s hard to walk
-frequent urinating. I find I pee more then I sleep.

I had an ultrasound 2.5 weeks ago. My placenta is fully moved up, which was something we were worried about and baby is looking very healthy. The ultrasound tech said he’s going to be a big baby. LOL

This Week, We’re Talking About…
Arrange care for our other kids in case I go into labor before my mother-in-law comes. The hard part with this is we can’t just send our kids to any friend’s house. It has to be someone who know how to take care of Mo’s diabetes. That makes it a bit more stressful on us.

We are also still working on getting things for baby. We haven’t had a lot of time or resources to get everything we need yet, but I know it will come when we need it. I’m actually not too stressed about this, which is funny because I usually stress about everything.

We are Our theme will be jungle, Noah’s Ark type decor. We are really in need of a new stroller and baby monitors. You can find our registry by using this- Registry #61049405

I saw my OB this past week. He is saying that the baby is already measuring around 6lbs 5oz!! He’s a big boy. The OB also said I would most likely deliver within the next 2-3 weeks, just how my body is acting. That is ok with me. I’m suppose to see him again this coming week, if not it will be on the 12th.

Above is a format I adapted from Sippy Cup Mom. She recently had twin girls. She’s also one of my favorite blogs. Please go check her out.