Teen Beach Movie DVD- review

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My Thoughts-
I was very excited to watch “Teen Beach Movie”, a Family Channel movie. I first heard about it from on of my favorites from So You Think You can Dance, Kent Boyd. The movie starts off in 2013 with Brady and Mac, a teenage couple who is dating and love to surf together. Mac is leaving soon and wants to catch the perfect wave. There is a huge storm coming and that perfect wave is there. Brady thinks she could be in danger and goes after Mac while she’s in the ocean. When they come out of the water they realize they are in Brady’s favorite movie,”Wet Side Story”. It takes place in the 50’s/60’s. They need to figure out how to get back home before it’s too late.

The movie had a “West Side Story” meets “Grease” feel. There is a group of surfers and a group of bikers, all fighting over a restaurant and who has rights to it. It’s all done in classic musical style. While going through the plot the characters would break out in singing.

I LOVED this movie and my oldest like the movie too, my youngest was bored from it. But I think that is because it reaches to a teen audience. I loved the music and dancing. I was even excited to know the choreographer was Christopher Scott, a choreographer for SYTYCD. The whole movie had me wanting to get up and dance and sing.

This movie is perfect for pre-teens and older. They will love the acting and characters, as well as the music. The DVD also comes with a bonus feature showing them rehearsing the dance numbers. You will also get a surf board zipper pull, so you can enjoy the movie even when you’re not watching it. I can really see this movie being as big as Camp Rock and High School Musical. Maybe a sequel will come about.

FIND it-