“The Button Legacy” book review and tour

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My Thoughts-
The Button Legacy by Ginger Marcinkowski

There is a beautiful but worn box full of what looks like random buttons. However these buttons have been passed down through the family for years. Each button shares a story. To some these are just silly stories, but the prayer of the one telling the stories is that the listener will hear a story of how God was involved in the tale. And hopefully trust in God in what they live.

I really enjoyed this book. The only thing I wished was it was longer with more button stories. But really that isn’t something bad, it just means I was drawn into this book and I didn’t want it to end. There are a lot of happy times listening to the button stories but also a lot of dark times. It even had me thinking of my life and the stories that have gotten me to where I am and where my family is. It has also inspired me to keep a way to share the legacy f the family and where God played a role.

I think this book would be fun to read at night with your kids and discuss what it means to us. It’s perfect for Christian families. With just over 60 pages it won’t take long to get through it and re-read it again. This has made my “Summer Must Read” list.

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