Baby number three is here!!

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Well the day has arrived, baby number three has arrived on August 21st. We call him our chunky monkey or monkey for short. If you’ve been following along with my pregnancy story you would have seen I was struggling with kidney stones. Those stones came back at the end of the pregnancy and caused us to have baby 2 weeks early.

I saw my OB on the Monday before baby was born and we decided it was best for me and for baby if my c-section was moved up a week early from the original section date. This way I could deal with the kidney stones without worrying about the effects the meds was having on the baby.

Wednesday morning We made the trip to the hospital to wait for a surgery time. I had to fast from midnight on. I was finally registered in at 5PM and wheeled down to the OR around 8PM. Before heading down I had an IV set up and I had to drink a really nasty drink to help neutralize the acids in my stomach. Once in the OR They hooked up a blood pressure cuff, oxygen monitor and heart-rate monitors. They then prepped me for a spinal block. They first numb the area the needle was to go in and the prepared to insert the spinal block. However the spot they found and did the painful numbing shot wasn’t a good one and they had to numb another area. They finally got the spinal in and laid me down and inserted a catheter.

While all this was going on my husband was dressing in scrubs and waiting for me to be prepped. Once everything was set they let him in and they allowed him to sit by my head and watch the c-section happen. I can’t see anything because they put a cloth on front of my head to keep me from freaking out when they cut me open.

I couldn’t feel anything but pressure when they pushed on my tummy. Soon I hear crying. I’m expecting to see my baby soon but I hear, “Now we need to get the shoulders out”. Meaning he was screaming while he was still inside me. That was crazy, I had to laugh. I said he was just not happy to come out.

Once he was out they brought baby to a table to clean him up. I was allowed to watch the whole time. They then allowed me to give him a kiss. I of course cried and fell in love right away. My husband got to hold baby for a few minutes while the doctors worked on cleaning up the rest of the birthing stuff. They then had to take baby away and daddy followed him. I was left on my own while I waited for them to staple me shut. Once I was closed up I had to wait two hours in recovery.

While in recovery the OB came and talked to me. He said the baby was born at 9:09PM and weighed 9lbs 9oz. That is a lot of “9’s”!! I’ll never forget his birth weight and time.

Once I was able to feel a bit in my leg they allowed me to go back to my room. I finally got to hold my baby around 11:45. I even was able to feed him right away. Our monkey is a healthy “little” boy. There were a few issues with him but nothing to worry about. After 4.5 days in the hospital we were allowed to go home. All five of us are happy and together now.


At 4 days old monkey had to have a minor surgery to fix his tongue tie. This issue didn’t allow him to stick out his tongue and feed properly and could cause speech problems in the future. We are told it didn’t hurt and it was a quick procedure. It was still hard for this mommy to hear my boy cry during it.

I’m recovering well and monkey is sleeping, eating and pooping as expected from a newborn. I love our new family. Our girls love being big sisters and are huge helpers around the house and with baby.

I hope to share on my blog ways to stay healthy and fit with a newborn in the house. As well as share with my readers awesome baby products. It’s a new journey for our family and for my blog. Thank you all for your support through everything. I love my readers.