SUPER BUDDIES Blu-ray Combo Pack- review

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Lee’s Thoughts-
Super Buddies” on DVD & Blu-ray NOW!!
My daughter, Lee (7 years old), has watched “Super Buddies” at least 4 times since we got it last week, so I thought it would be fun to have her tell you her thoughts. I will do it in a question answer type style.

Me- Tell me what the movie is about.

Lee- I think six puppies that found magical rings.

Me- What do these rings do?

Lee- They give you powers. Such as one could disappear, one could go super fast, one could lift things with their mind.

Me- What is your favorite part of the movie?

Lee- When the robbers robbed the candy store. because the puppies, the one that can lift things with his mind dropped some candy on them.

Me- Was there anything you didn’t like?

Lee- No, I mostly liked everything.

Me- Would you recommend this movie to others? If so who do you think would like it?

Lee- Yes. Everyone would love it.

Me- Is there anything else you’d like to tell me about the movie?

Lee- There is also aliens. One is good and one is bad. There is also a monkey.
Moo- (My 4 year old) The one with green eyes is bad and the one with brown eyes is good.

Both my girls couldn’t stop talking about the movie. I can tell they loved it very much. Super Buddies is on DVD and Blu-ray now!