“Audrey Bunny” book review & giveaway

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My Thoughts-
Audrey Bunny” by Angie Smith

Audrey Bunny is a stuffed bunny who has been sitting in a bin at the store for a very long time. She thinks it’s because of a smudge over her heart that makes no one want her, her imperfection. One day a little girl picks her up, then puts her down and talks to her mom. They leave the story and Audrey Bunny thinks she will never get out of the bin. Some time later the same little girl comes back and picks out Audrey Bunny to go home with her. Audrey is afraid of the girl seeing her smudge and tries different ways to hide it. Then one day the little girl brings Audrey Bunny to school. In the end Audrey Bunny finds out that it was because of her mark that she was picked.

The story teaches us that we don’t have to be perfect to be loved. That being different from others is ok.

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My girls loved listening to the story. Before Audrey was picked up by the little girl, my girls said they wanted to take her and love her. That melted my heart knowing they would love even though the bunny wasn’t perfect and was different. When we were done with the book we had a great discussion about loving every one, no matter how they look. That God picked us to be His child and loves us with all our faults, imperfections. We talked about ways to make those who feel left out feel loved too.

I would recommend this book to all households. It will fill your heart with love and also teach your children in a simple way the importance of loving others. It’s a perfect coffee table book also.

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