Cabbage Patch Kids 30th anniversary celebration and announcements

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I was invited to join in the celebration of Cabbage Patch Kids 30th anniversary that took place October 15th in Toronto. I was unable to join but I’m excited to share with you some awesome news from Jakks Pacific and CPK. The information and photos below were provided to me by the PR company working with Jakks Pacific.

-Beginning November 1st, consumers will be encourage to join our online community by liking the Jakks Pacific FB page, sharing their memories and posting pictures. Each day we will randomly select one winner to receive a 30th anniversary Cabbage Patch Doll.


-We are very lucky to have as our partner Canada’s leading toy retailer. Toys R Us has been a primary Cabbage patch adoption center for Canadian children for 30 years and what better place to throw our nation wide party than at their stores. Mark the date on your calendar, Saturday Nov 16 we will be hosting parties at 6-flagship Toys R Us location across the country. Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and two in the GTA; Vaughn Mills and Sherway Gardens. At these stores consumers will have the opportunity to celebrate by having their photo taken, receive a custom CPK Frame, mini doll loot bags, tasty treats and $5off coupons. On November 16th Toy R Us locations across the country will have special pricing on Cabbage Patch Kids product to help recreate the craze of 1983.

-In 1983 the Make-A-Wish organization was born and is celebrating 30 of granting wishes for children. We love and support the work they do. We are thrilled to help kick-off the Make-A-Wish season of giving with a $5,000 cash donation as well a commitment for a season of partnership with toys and fund raising.