Cabbage Patch Kids 30th Anniversary doll review

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Disclaimer- I was provided with one doll for the purpose of my review and posting other info. These opinions are mine and are honest. After we received our free doll my daughter bought one for herself.

My Thoughts-
I remember when I was young how much I wanted the NEW Cabbage Patch Kids dolls when they came out in 1983. They were hard to find and we couldn’t afford one. My parents didn’t have a lot of money to buy one for my brother and I so we saved up our own money; birthday money, chores money, odd jobs money… Once we had saved up enough (in 1984) we went out and each bought our own Cabbage Patch dolls. Mine is named Lori Renee. I loved her so much that I still have her, 29 years later. I also loved the second CPK I got in 1986 for Christmas. Her name was Goldie Pamela and she could take baths.

I’m excited now to share this love for these dolls with my girls. Each have a Cabbage Patch doll they got for their first birthday and now they each have a special 30th anniversary doll. One we got for the review and the other one was purchased by my oldest with her own money that she saved up.


Sunday Leah, she has bond curl hair with pink streaks and a pink dress. She also have silver shoes and comes her own comb. Moo says her doll is “AWESOME” and her favorite thing about her doll is her shoes.


Faith Sophie, she has short black hair with pink streaks and a pink dress. She has yellow shoes and comes with her own comb. Lee loved Moo’s Cabbage Patch doll so much she wanted to get one of her own. She has been saving up her money for a special toy and decided to use the money to buy a doll instead. We went to the store and read each girl’s name and birthday, as well as looked at each outfit they were wearing. She narrowed down her choices to two dolls. It was hard for her to pick, she loved them both. So I had her close her eyes and think really hard at which one she thought would need the most love from her. So she picked Faith.

My girls really love their dolls and I can see them keeping them for their children to play with, just like I have done. If I was going to purchase a new CPK I would pick the “vintage” doll that has yarn hair. I love how nice their hair stays and how easy it is to put up in pony tails or leave down. I love sharing my love of CPK with my girls, I feel like a kid again. It’s also so cool that they still come with the adoption papers, to pledge your love for your doll and that they still have the baby powder smell.


Thank you to Jakks Pacific for providing us with a 30th Anniversary doll.
Please stay tuned for some exciting announcements regarding Cabbage Patch Kids.

Did you have a Cabbage Patch Kid when you were growing up? What was their name? Do your kids have one now?