Please vote for our child in the Canadian Diabetes Association- “Who are you fighting for?”

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month and the Canadian Diabetes Association is holding a contest in support of our loved ones with diabetes.

We are entered into a contest to win one of the following-
1st Prize- 15” MacBook Pro (model #MC975/A)
2nd Prize – iPad Mini, 16 GB (model #A1432)
3rd Prize – $250 VISA Gift Card

You can vote for us by going here- Who are you fighting for?
You should see Maggie’s photo like the one above. I thank you sooo much in advance for voting. You can vote once every 24 hours. I would also love it if you could share this with your friends. THANK YOU.

If we win the MacBook or iPad mini we plan on using it for educational purposes for our girls. And if we win the money we plan on doing something special as a family together. (Since Maggie was diagnosed with diabetes and having a new baby in the same year, money and time has been short. The money would help in allowing us to do something fun together.)

Here is the story I wrote-
I’m fighting for my daughter, Maggie. She was diagnosed in March 2013, at the age of 3 with Type 1 Diabetes. We thought she just had the flu but she got sicker and sicker, to the point she wouldn’t eat and slept for 18+ hours a day. We could even see her ribs and spine because she had lost so much weight. After realizing this couldn’t be the flu we brought her to her doctor where she was hospitalized and diagnosed with T1D. She stayed there for a week.
Being so young it’s hard for her to understand why she has to be poked so many times a day. It’s hard for her to understand why we have to count everything she eats and why she can’t always have the cupcakes other kids in her class bring in. Her dream is to one day become a doctor and find a cure for diabetes. She’ll be playing pretend and bring a piece of paper with little letters written on it. She’ll excitedly exclaim, “Mommy, I found the cure for diabetes! Isn’t that amazing?”
My daughter has a kind and caring heart and to see her have to deal with this disease daily breaks my heart. I’m fighting for you my little rainbow. There will one day be a cure, it’s my hope for you and others like you.

You can vote for us by going here- Who are you fighting for?