“Can’t-Wait Willow!” book review & giveaway

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My Thoughts-
“Can’t-Wait Willow!” by Christy Ziglar

Willow is so excited to go to the circus, she can’t wait to taste the cotton candy and see the pretty ladies riding horses. On the way to the circus she stops to do many other activities that just couldn’t say “no” to, some that cost her money. By the time she gets to the circus she realizes she is too late to see it and has run out of money. The lesson learned was to wait to have fun and spend her money for something she really wanted. While the other activities were great, in order for her to do what she really wanted she needed to say “no”.


I think we ALL need to read this book at times. I know my kids love to spend their money on dollar store items and get sad when they can’t buy a big toy later. And as adults I think we sometimes do the same thing with our time and money. The lesson learned here is something we all need to learn.

My kids loved this book. With each activity Willow encounters the page ends in “Willow just couldn’t say no.” My girls, after a few times of me reading it, started saying it with me. When we got half way through the book we talked about what Willow should have done to be able to see the circus. We then talked about when they spend money on small things but really want bigger things. I explained that the little things are great but if they want bigger things then they need to learn to say “no” to those smaller things.

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