“Chasing Hope” book review

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My Thoughts-
Chasing Hope by Kathryn Cushman

Sabrina Rice had huge dreams of becoming an Olympic gold metal winner for running and then use that to spread the good news of Christ to others, like her inspiration- Eric Liddell. She was on her way to fulfilling this dream when something happened. She decided to give up her dream and peruse another avenue. She didn’t want to think about running ever again. Then one day she was introduced to a troubled teen, Brandy Philips. In order for Brandy to stay out of Juvie, she had to take part in the school’s cross country team. The coach of that team asked Sabrina to help coach her. Sabrina reluctantly took on this task, feeling like God didn’t care about how she felt about being part of running again.

This book pushes Sabrina to face her fears and turn to God. She also has to look back at her old dream of being a running missionary and see what God was really asking of her back then.

I loved reading this book. It first made me want to run after every time of reading it. But it also had me look at my old dreams and goals. I wanted to be a missionary but health issues kept me from being able to go overseas. I’m wondering now what God had/has planned for me and what He wants to do with that old dream.

This book is for athletes, young readers, older readers and anyone who loves a good uplifting story.

“Obviously the means He has in mind are different than what we understand. Things aren’t going to happen the way we had planned, but the answer is there for us. We just need to keep praying and looking for it.”- (Chasing Hope)

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