Happy 40th anniversary to my parents!!

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Happy 40th anniversary to my mom and pa!! WOW!! 40 years! That’s a lot to say in this day and age. My parents prove that a marriage can last, no matter what. Their life has been full of ups and downs but they choose to face each day and love each other no matter what.

They eloped on November 21, 1973. They started their marriage out with only $100 to their name. They faced infertility for 5 years, before they had me. They faced extreme debt. My pa worked 50-80 hours a week in a stuffy factory. My mom worked two to three jobs at a time. They had two kids, we weren’t easy on them. They faced terrible tragedies and health issues (quadruple bypass surgery, Meniere’s Disease, broken leg that lead to being physically challenged, family deaths, depression, panic attacks… the list can go on and on). They faced a lot, but they also faced fun family times, sitting playing games, building snowmen, going on family vacations, and sharing many laughs. They made bad times into good. They now have two married children and three grandchildren, lots of love being spread because of their unending love.

I admire my parents. They have been a great example to me. I use what they have gone through to help with my relationships and marriage. They’ve shown me that if they can make it through the extreme tough times, anyone can.

Here is a fun photo shoot they did a few years ago. I think it captures their personality so well. They can love and “hate” each other at the same time and still laugh about it in the end.


I love you mom and pa. Thank you for being a great example to me and the world. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!