“The Sparkle Box” – book Review & Giveaway

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My Thoughts-
The Sparkle Box by Jill Hardie and Illustrated by Christine Kornacki

We love to give presents to our kids, sometimes I think we go overboard, but we still love it. Something we try to do but fail often is show our kids the joy of giving to others and how it brings so much joy to the person we do it for.

In “The Sparkle Box” Sam can’t wait for Christmas and he can’t wait to open this special box that is under the tree that is all sparkly and bright. His parents tell him that they still need to fill this box and each day he asks if they have filled it yet. Through out the story we see Sam learn about helping and giving to others, they give food and blankets to people who don’t have any, they give money to build a well in another country, Sam even gives a new pair of gloves to a homeless man. The day has arrived and Sam gets to open the Sparkle Box. It is filled with little notes, talking about what they did for others. His mother explained that it is a gift to Jesus, it’s His birthday and doing good for others is our gift to Him.

My girls LOVED this idea. They can’t wait to fill their box (That was included with the book) and share joy to others. I love the idea of this book and box. I think this will become a new tradition in our family.

This book is a perfect addition to your Christmas collection and I really believe it will spark the want to give to others in need. It will also teach your kids the saying “it’s better to give then to receive”.


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