Week 3 of November- Diabetes Awareness Month

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Last week was World Diabetes Day. We all dressed in blue and shared with Maggie how much we loved her. We also did this to show our hope for a cure soon. We felt loved by our family and friends who were able to wear blue and were able to share their photos with us. I also want to personally thank a few companies that shared Maggie’s photos and helped raise awareness and give support. Thank you to Teething Bling for sharing Maggie wearing her blue teething bling and for donating to the American Diabetes Association. Thank you to Nightmare Nibbler for posting our Norbert wearing his blue ribbon. And thank you to Healthy Fun with Liska for wearing blue and sharing about diabetes with your followers.

Our hope for a cure has been heavy on our minds since Maggie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Last week made it all more important. Below is our story about an incident that happened at Maggie’s School. The issue actually could have taken her life and we are all the more thankful for each day with her.

Maggie was battling a very bad sugar low last Tuesday. We had no clue what had caused it to be so bad. She was given 5 juice boxes from 2pm-2am but her sugar numbers just wouldn’t go up. We knew her numbers were low when we were at Old Navy after school and she would lay down on the floor and try to sleep. She couldn’t even walk to the car.
This Wednesday morning we found out the reason for this low.
Tuesday Maggie’s regular school nurse was away and there were two subs that came in. The first sub did everything correctly- took blood sugar, gave her proper insulin and wrote it all down in our communication log. The second nurse came in at second break. He was to check her blood sugar and that was it. However Maggie was low, so he was to give her a box of juice then re-check her blood in 15 minutes. Instead this is what he did. He checked her blood, gave her juice, then gave her 4 units of insulin (He was NOT suppose to give her any insulin). He then did not recheck her and he did not write in our communication log.
I was PISSED, sick, my heart felt like it’s stuck in my stomach and throat.
I’m SO THANKFUL that Maggie is ok now. I’m thankful it didn’t turn out more serious.

As a parent, it’s tough staying calm and taking care of my child. I have talked with other parents of T1D kids and they have said that it effects the parents for long term and the kid probably will remember just feeling tired and going to the hospital. She won’t realize how much danger she was in. I struggle seeing my child sick, normally with diabetes, it angers me when someone who should be taking care of her hurts her. I still feel hate towards this disease that is hurting my child but I’m thankful everyday on the person she is becoming because of it.

I would also like to ask that you help us win a special prize for our little Maggie. You can check out my blog post for more details.- Who Are You Fighting For? Thank you.