Five days in the hospital- kidney stones stink!

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When I was pregnant I was suffering with kidney stones that were developed because of being pregnant. In April I had to have surgery to remove a stone that was blocking my bladder, while I was pregnant. I was stone free until about 2 weeks before Noah was born, then the pain started again. My urologist didn’t want to do anything for them at the time because I was so close to my due date. I suffered through pain for three months after baby was born.

I found out a month ago that I had a 1cm stone in my kidney, so we scheduled surgery for December 11. This was perfect, it allowed me time to start pumping milk to store up to give to baby while I recovered. Two weeks ago I started have severe pain and I passed three 4mm stones. I was even able to capture one and bring it to my urologist. He decided to do another ultrasound to figure out what was going on. But before I could get to that ultrasound every thing changed. Monday, November 25, I was in so much pain nothing at home was helping so Chris brought me to the ER. There they finally got my pain under control and did the ultrasound then. We found out the 1cm stone was now almost blocking the bladder/kidney and there were two other stones, 6mm and 2mm. They sent me home with stronger pain meds but that night I was still in so much pain that I threw up all night. So early Tuesday morning I was back in the ER. There they admitted me into the hospital to wait for a time in the OR for surgery.

This is where this craziness begins. There were no beds on the surgery floor in our hospital so they put my on the geriatric floor. I was in a room with three older women, all who were suffering from phenomena and other aliments. The night was filled with hacking, moaning and complaining. I did this for two night before they found me another room. On top of the load room with no sleep I wasn’t allowed to eat because I could be called into surgery at any time.

Thursday was my toughest day. I hadn’t eaten or slept in three days. I was missing my family (only saw my girls once and my baby twice). I was suppose to be back on Rogers TV to talk about perfect baby products. And I was in so much pain that they were giving me pain meds every 2 hours, and even that wasn’t helping. I was finally given a room all by myself and given the news I would have surgery that afternoon. It felt like things were finally going to be ok and I would have no more pain and get some rest after the surgery. Surgery didn’t go as planned, I ended up needing to have a spinal block, which meant I couldn’t go back to my room. I was being put on the surgery floor with a roommate. I was so devastated. I just wanted rest. But God had other plans.

I got to my new room and met my roommate. The first thing she did was pray for me. We had great convos and awesome laughs, plus sleep. In the morning I found out that her and her husband go to one of our good friends’ church. And I also found out that they have relatives in Mindemoya (my in-laws live there) that go to the Pentecostal church in Spring Bay. They’ve also visited my in-laws’ church. Small world. I was so thankful God put me in a room with her, He knew I needed it.

I’m home now but still in a lot of pain. They put a stent in that allows leftover fragments of the stone to pass without getting stuck. The stent causes the kidney and bladder to spasm, painfully. I have to keep it in until at least Tuesday. So now I’m living in a drugged up state til then. I can’t wait to get back to “normal”. I missed out on blogging about a lot of products I want to share with you all. I feel so far behind, but once my mind isn’t so foggy I will get back at it, double time.

I do want to take the time to all those who where able to help my family out. Watching our kids, cleaning, cooking and prayers. They all mean so much to us. I may have felt lonely in the hospital but I was at peace knowing my family was being taken care of. THANK YOU!

2013 has been really crappy, in fact I would be ok if 2014 was just plan and boring, no more bad stuff.

It’s December and in our house it just doesn’t feel like Christmas time. We haven’t gone shopping, we haven’t been to church, no baking has started and we just feel very lonely. I hope this week will get better and our Christmas Spirit will come in full force.

Sorry for the rambling, I’m typing this with pain meds in my system. I wanted to get out what has been going on and to release my sadness/frustration about this past week and year. Thank you all for being here for me. Much love and smiles.