“Frozen” movie review

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My Thoughts-
My girls have been begging us to go see Disney’s “Frozen” ever since they saw one of the previews. We decided to go as a family last weekend. As a family we LOVED it.

The two girls reminded us of our two girls. I can totally hear my second daughter saying this opening line- “But the sky is awake which means I’m awake which means we have to play!” She loves to be awake when the “sky” is awake. There were many moments like this that had me thinking of my girls in the Elsa and Anna characters.

We also enjoyed ALL the music in the movie. We heard our girls singing the songs for days after only watching it once. They have even asked for the CD of the movie.

Needless to say we loved the movie and can’t wait till it’s out on DVD/Blu-ray. It’s already on our wish-list. Our kids also have put the dolls for the movie on their Christmas and birthday wish lists.

Here is my favorite song. “Let it Go”

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