bassgiraffe Presents- “I am Beautiful, I am Me” for the month of February

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This is something that has been on my heart since my youngest was born five months ago. It’s about how we view ourselves. I know most of us can stand in front of a mirror and point out all our flaws, heck I’m sure we could self loathe without even seeing ourselves. It’s easy to pick out what’s wrong but not easy to pick out all the things beautiful about ourselves.

I asked myself, “What am I teaching my girls about body image?”, “What am I teaching my son about the beauty of women?” If I can’t love myself, how can my children love themselves? When they grow up will they look in the mirror and do like mommy did all those years and point out their flaws? Will they be filled with self-hate? My heart breaks thinking my low self-worth is impacting me kids. So I decided that the month of February is going to be my “I am Beautiful, I am me!” month. Each morning I will look in the mirror and repeat the phrase. I will not focus on the things I see wrong, I will only see what is right. It’s going to be a hard challenge, I’ve spent most of my teenage years and adulthood focusing on the negative, it’s part of me. The habit needs to be broken.
I’m doing this in front of my kids, I’m doing it in private. I’m going to stop the negative talk in front of them and work on myself image when they are not around. I don’t want them thinking that beauty is all there is about themselves. But I do know I talk bad about myself a lot in front of my kids, that is going to stop. The phrases, “I’m fat.”, “I hate my teeth.”, “I hate my frizzy hair.”, and so forth will not be heard around here.

Am I saying that I’m going to stop trying to be the best me? Trying to loose weight? Trying to wake up each morning, brush my hair and get dressed, so I feel “presentable”? NO! Those things don’t make me who I am but they are important in feeling good. I believe as long as I’m eating right and stay physically active, it’s all that matters, not the weight loss or being toned, those things will come if I stay focused on being healthy, but not important. Brushing my hair in the morning and getting out of my jammies don’t really change me but they do give me a pep in my step and energize me for the day. The little things can make a huge impact on how you feel about yourself, even if they don’t change who you are, the beautiful you.


The above photo was hard for me to post. I see all those flaws I dwell on. I see the negative. But then I added the words, the important words of who I am, who I love about me, and then I see the beauty in me.

I am making a pledge to myself, my kids and to you all that I will be waking up each morning looking in the mirror and saying, “I am Beautiful, I am ME!” I’m asking you to join me. Please feel free to use the button I created and make your own post. If you do please come back here and share your link with me, I’d love to visit you and encourage you.

I truly believe we can change how our children grow up and how they see themselves. The negative talk stops with us, the parents.

I also want to encourage us women to tell each other that they are beautiful, what makes them beautiful and even give each other a hug. We all need a hug sometimes. I also want to encourage all the men out there to daily tell their girlfriends, wives, sisters, mothers, friends, grandmothers, and any other women that is in their life that they are beautiful, what makes them beautiful, and if it’s appropriate give them a hug.

I am Beautiful. I am Me. YOU are beautiful. You are YOU!!