“Lone Ranger” on Blu-ray Combo Pack

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Chris’ Thoughts-
I had the opportunity to go see this movie in theaters last year, so I was excited to have the change to watch and review the Blu-ray/DVD combo for this movie. I’m not sure why it had such bad reviews as I enjoyed it. It was nice to see it again and see some things that I didn’t notice before. One thing I really enjoyed both times I watched the movie was how beautiful the natural landscapes are where they shot the film. In the special features, Armie Hammer takes a more personal tour of the countryside, describing and showing just how beautiful it is. In one of the segments about special effects, Jerry Bruckheimer  and Director Gore Verbinski reflect on how real they wanted everything to look and that as much as possible they used real landscape, trains etc (some built from the ground up for the movie) in order to have as much of a real experience as possible. I really like that the special features are now available on the digital versions of the movie as well so I can watch them on my computer, phone or tablet as well as on my big screen if I want to.

Unfortunately, my Surround sound system was in for repair when we watched the movie, so I will probably watch it again soon for the full sound experience.

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