“Saving Mr. Banks” movie review

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My Thoughts-
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Yesterday was my birthday and one of our friends offered to watch our kids so my husband and I could go on a date. We decided to go watch Disney’s “Saving Mr. Banks” staring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.

The movie is about Ms. P.L. Travers and her story of “Mary Poppins”. Walt Disney wanted to create a movie for the books and has been trying for years to get Ms. Travers to sign over the rights. She really didn’t want to do it. She didn’t want to her movie to become all twinkly and cartoons. She demanded she have final say in how the movie would turn out. While throughout her reading through the screen play we see flash backs from her childhood. We start to see how the story of “Mary Poppins” is more then just a story but a glimpse at her past.

I felt like maybe “Mary Poppins” was written as a therapeutic writing for Ms Travers to get her feelings out from her past. I can see why she didn’t want things a certain way in the movie, it was her story and she had her vision of it. I was glad the Walt was able to share with her how the story felt for him, how Mr Banks not only her dad but also his dad and how it was different for him.

I really enjoyed this movie and will never watch “Mary Poppins” the same ever again. I will think about the meaning of why it was written and the reason Ms. Travers allowed Walt Disney make it into a movie. The movie mad me sad when I left, but a good sad. I really wish I could have known the “bitter” old Pamela Travers and Walt Disney. I felt I just got a small insight about who they were and their relationship through the journey of making “Mary Poppins” a movie.

The acting of the movie was extraordinary. Tom Hanks really reminded me of Walt Disney when I would see him at the beginning of a movie or before a Disney show. Emma Thompson, really did an amazing job at portraying a bitter, sad women, who can`t forgive herself for the past and can’t see what her book means to others.

If you’re a fan of Disney and of “Mary Poppins” I would recommend this movie. It’s really not a kid movie, it would take a lot of explaining to your child of what was going on. If you do go see this movie, stay for the credits, there a few special clips and photos to see.

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