Showing my #DisneySide Mickey Mouse Style

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Ever since I was chosen as one of the lucky few to host a #DisneySide @ home celebration my mind hasn’t stopped thinking of ideas for the party or ideas for around the home.

When I was a child I dreamt about going to Disney. It didn’t matter if it was Disneyland or Disney World. I really wanted to meet Mickey, Goofy, Donald and the rest of the gang. I’ve never been to either park but it’s still my dream and now my kids hope to go someday. In the mean time we’re having fun discovering all things Disney.

Our family is already Disney obsessed. We have a ton of movies, toys and clothes that are all from Disney. We even have a few CD’s with Disney music on them. For the kids (and myself) we recently got the “Frozen” CD. My hubby has the “Pirates of the Caribbean” CD, he loves the orchestrations.

Since receiving my #DisneySide party package I’ve been searching the stores for more Mickey Mouse gifts/party supplies/decorations… AND I’ve taken the time to use my Mickey cookie cutters to get creative. I’m not “one of those moms”, you know, the ones who create amazing lunches everyday, but I gave my hand at it this week.

Below are two creations I’ve made so far. My kids have enjoyed Mickey Mouse French toast. And today they will discover a little surprise in their lunches. I have to admit, it was fun creating these for them.

My girls’ reaction when I brought these to the table were priceless. “MICKEY MOUSE!!” “This is the best tasting French toast you’ve ever made mommy.” I’m sure they only tasted so good because they were shaped so awesome.

One lunch had a note that said, “Hope you have a magical day.” And the other said, “May all your dreams come true today.” I can’t wait to hear what they thought about today’s lunch.

My creative juices are still flowing and I’m sure I’ll have more to share with you later. Plus I’ll be blogging about my party later in February.