“Simpson’s Sheep Won’t Go to Sleep!” book review

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My Thoughts-
“Simpson’s Sheep Won’t Go to Sleep!” by Bruce Arant

Simpson’s Sheep won’t go to sleep, his other animals have no problems falling asleep but his sheep just won’t sleep. They have too many reasons they can’t sleep, like needing a drink or a snack. Just like our kids at night. Poor Mr. Simpson, he was so tired of trying to get those silly sheep to sleep. Then one day he got an idea. Will it work? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

We love this book. The illustrations are cute and silly. Each sheep looks like it has a personality. My girls laughed at the page where the sheep are eating a snack and taking a drink. There is a lot of rhyming and the pace of the book is quick and fun.

I love reading this book to my kids. It’s now part of their collection of “read at night” books. The silly sheep help my kids go to sleep.

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