Had a Mousetastic good time at our Show Your #disneyside @ home Celebration! (plus giveaway)

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We were given party supplies from Disney and Mom Select to host a #disneyside party of our own.


Our party was to celebrate Maggie’s 1 year anniversary of her diabetes. We celebrate that fact she has survived, has become stronger, healthier and braver. For our party we had 11 kids ages 3-9 to have a Mousetastic fun time. I spent weeks planning this party and came up with some crafts, bought a few more things for the celebration and baked cookies and cupcakes for the occasion. I loved also putting together the invites, the “Why?” says, “Because we like you.” A throw back to the old Mickey Mouse Club. The whole party was was too much fun to put together, I’m not sure who had more fun, me or all the kids that came. Hehe…

Once the guests arrived they were given t-shirts we bought and created. The fronts have a Mickey head and the backs have each child’s name on them in a “Disney” font.


Once they had their new shirts on everyone joined in to be part of a #disneyside photo booth that we created. Maggie was so excited for this project that she helped me paint it.


HP was so kind to give me photo paper to use at the party. We printed each photo off and placed them in a photo card hold. I got the idea off a google search to use binder clips and I found Mickey head stickers from the craft store. They made for cute decorations during the party. At the end of the party everyone had a photo and holder to take home.


We then had game time. The first game we played was Mickey Head bean bag toss. We created different lines for the different age kids, just to make it fair. The Mickey ears were the highest point. “If you have ears, say cheers!”. The kids had a blast playing this game and some of them even got perfect scores!!


Our #disneyside package came with Bingo cards, we played this next. I split them up into teams of two. I had planned on giving two prizes out. But a funny story, everyone got BINGO at the same time, all with the “Mickey & Minnie” card. It was a good thing I had extra Mickey items to hand out. We all got a good laugh out how it happened.


We then played Reverse Charades, with the Disney theme cards I found in the Hollywood Edition. We split up into two teams. One person is the guesser and everyone else has to act out the card. Some of the answers were harder then others but everyone had a ton of fun being creative.


In our #disneyside package came cheer cards for #rundisney. I came up with the idea to use them to write about our favorite Disney things, movies, characters, places… The kids got really creative, they wrote a ton of ideas and some even drew pictures of their favorite things.


It was then craft time. I found a neat pattern idea on a google search to make a Mickey Head. So two at a time they glued their heads together and got to take them home. While two were working on the craft everyone else got to color Mickey and Minnie pages I found online. The kids LOVED their Mickey heads and couldn’t wait to bring them home.


It was then time to eat. our #disneyside package came with Mickey Head, hand and star cookie cutters, so we made some cookies and decorated them with colored sugar for the party. My girls had a blast helping make these for their friends. The cupcake decorations and the water covers came from Homeketeers, thank you. While the kids ate they enjoyed watching a DVD all about the Disney parks. I think they all want to go now, and I mean RIGHT NOW!! LOL


When the party was all done the kids all walked away with a goodie bag FULL of Disney themed party favors and also a cute “Mickey and Minnie” poster.


Over all I think the party went amazing! I know Maggie felt special and loved having fun with all her friends. And I know everyone was so excited to get to take home some many items. It’s not often you go to a party and get way more then you bring. I loved seeing all the smiles and I LOVED hearing all the laughter. I wish we could do this kind of party more often, but that would be a lot of work and time.

THANK YOU to everyone who could come out. I’m sure this is a day Maggie will never forget. Also a HUGE thank you to Disney, Mom Select, HP, and all the other sponsors for helping make this party possible.


If you attended the party and would like high quality copies of any photos taken please feel free to message me on facebook or email me. I thank you all again for making this day so special. It means a lot to use that you all came.

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