“I am Beautiful, I am Me”- don’t be afraid to be silly

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I usually think about what I’m going to write for a week on this topic, however this time I felt like I had nothing to say. Then I was sitting here taking photos with my little guy (he turns 6 months today) and realized I was snapping photo after photo. I was trying to get that “perfect” angle of my face. I know we all do it, we don’t want the double chin, we hate the smile we did, our hair was out of place. With digital cameras and phones we can snap photos til we get that perfect one. I think this is playing into our self esteem. We look at other people’s photos on facebook and instagram and we see how “perfect” they look and we feel the need to do the same. But think about it, I bet those perfect photos we see of our friends were a result in snapping photo after photo until they had the one they felt comfortable with.

I’ve been working on being happy with the first or second photo I take. It’s not always easy but it needs to be done. I need to find the beauty in the candid, not perfectly posed photo.

I follow Shemar Moore on instagram and he likes to post silly photos of himself and he often says, “Keep it silly and sexy”. Because of him I’ve been trying to break out of my need for the perfect photo and just be silly, just be me.

Here are a few photos of me being silly. I’d love for you to share your candid shots of silliness. Let’s all be silly together and feel beautiful while doing it.