“I am Beautiful, I am Me”, for the guys

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First off, Happy Valentine’s day! You are all loved by someone, please remember that.

This week I’m going to take a different approach. I’m going to talk about guys. I know they don’t want to be called beautiful, so we will change it to “I am handsome, I am me” for this week. Believe it or not but guys sometimes feel not so good looking, they often focus on those negatives they see when looking in the “mirror”.

I talked to a few guys and asked what things they notice when looking in the mirror. Some guys said that their “flaws” don’t bother them, others said they wish they could weigh less and look more fit. Some even said they wish they could manage their hair better, and they wish their clothes fit better.

Personally I see my husband look down upon himself often. When I see him I just see a totally hot guy, so hot that I’m jealous when other girls talk to him. Oh, I know he loves me and I’m his, I just think about how many girls think he’s hot too. I actually feel sad when he puts himself down, why can’t he see what I see?

I talked to my pa on what he “sees” about himself that he wishes he could change or puts himself down on. He said that he wishes he would have more confidence in himself. One story he shared with me was a time he was in a musical in our town. He was one of the leads but felt he didn’t qualify for it. There were a lot of actors in the cast that where professionally, musically trained. My pa learned how to sing from the radio, not from taking classes. So instead of seeing that he was given a lead and had nothing to worry about he sought out the help from a vocal teacher. After one lesson the teacher asked him what he was worried about, he’s good. When my pa told me this story I was shocked, amazed. Growing up I loved listening to my dad sing. I even thought he sounded like John Denver. I never knew he didn’t feel confident in his singing.

Our “beauty”, our qualities, are viewed so differently. It’s like last week’s post about the dandelion. We see a weed in ourselves while others see us as a flower. A wonderful, handsome, flower, FULL of worth.

I want to make a plea to the girls, just like us girls guys need encouragement. So please girls, tell the guys in your life how good looking they are, complement them on something you like about them. And guys look at yourself and see the handsome men you are.

Here is a photo of two of the handsome men in my life. My husband and my pa. I love these men so much and hope they can see how amazing they are.