I had a bad case of the “Mondays”

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Ever have one of those days? That day you wish could either start over with a better outcome or just end already? That was my day yesterday. Yesterday was when it felt like everything was crashing in my face and it wouldn’t stop.
Our little Monkey has had a really bad cough since Friday. You can tell he is in pain when he coughs and at night my husband and I have to take turns sitting up with him just so he can breath. It’s heart breaking, Monkey is only 6 months old and there is really nothing we can do for him. We decided to call his pediatrician on Monday. The doctor was all booked up so he recommend visiting a walk in clinic if Monkey was bad enough.
The walk in clinic we usually visit use to allow you to call in and make an appointment for later that day. We like being able to do this so we won’t have to sit in a room with sick people for hours. Chris tried calling in and they said “we’re not busy right now, it’s about a 30 minute wait.” They wouldn’t let him set an appointment. So I hoped in the car with Monkey and within 15 minutes of the phone call I was there. The waiting room was packed. I was upset.
I found out that they don’t take phone appointments anymore but if I wanted to set up an appointment I can come in at 9 in the morning to schedule one for that day. It didn’t make sense to me and because of all of that we wait to 2 hours, not 30 minutes. Two hours is still a short wait time here in Ontario, but I wouldn’t have come if I knew it was going to be that long. To rub insult into my stressed out wounds, I was sitting beside a man who went out for three smoke breaks. He smelled horrible of smoke and it ended up giving me a migraine.
We finally see the doctor and she said, “it’s just a cold, give him Tylenol”. We had already been doing that. None of us are getting much sleep. I was upset. This happened to our oldest child when she was 1 month old. Doctors kept saying, “it’s just a cold” and 4 days later she was hospitalized with RSV, she had to stay there for 5 days. Monkey is showing the same symptoms as his big sister. My gut is telling me it’s not “just a cold”. I was/am frustrated.


I get back for the walk in clinic just in time to feed Monkey and then go pick up my older kids. I need to add in here that I missed lunch. So now I’m hungry, have a migraine, going on three days of little to no sleep and I’m worried about my baby.

I get my girls and my middle child is determined to put on her own seat belt. Usually this would be fine but on Mondays we are in a hurry. We need to get home right away and eat dinner so our oldest can get to dance class. With our middle child screaming and fighting with the seat belt we ended up being 15 minutes behind. I usually have dinner ready by the time they get home but because I spent my afternoon at the walk in clinic there was no food ready. I was worried our oldest would be late for dance. Thankfully my hubby took her and they made it just in time.

I then sat down to check my email. I had a message from a company I had been dealing with for the past week. It hasn’t been a good encounter and this message sent me over the edge. I was called hateful and vengeful in my actions, which I was not. I have never in my 4 years of blogging had such a horrible experience, never been called those things. I felt like I was going to explode. Thankfully we are not going to work together on a review, I couldn’t be fair in my write up.

After I dealt with the blog issue it was time for me to give our Rainbow her insulin. She has been learning to allow us to give it in her arm so I asked her where in her arm she would like it. I stuck the needle right where she said. The next thing I hear is a huge scream. I take the needle out and her blood was squirting all over, and a bruise formed immediately. Evidently I hit a vein. I felt horrible. Nothing was going write today.


Needless to say I wanted this day to end!! I was done with this day. I couldn’t wait to go to bed but then I realized I wont get much sleep with my sickie baby needing help breathing. Sigh… I didn’t know what to do to make this day better. Then I started looking at photos on instagram and found the two that are below.

photo 3photo 4(1)

It was just a few bad things on one day, not a bad life. I have a very blessed life, three wonderful kids, an amazing husband, a group of friends and family I love and adore and I have my life. I can’t let one bad day ruin the rest of the days for me. I was also reminded that my day was filled with a few bad things but there is always good in the day. I needed to write something for the blessing jar I have been keeping. I write a “good” thing for every day of the year. Yesterday was no exception. “Today was good because I got to cuddle with my kids.”

I hope if you’re having a bad day, you can find something good out of it. Even if it’s a small something, find it and focus on that good and not the bad. Hugs to you all.