Showing my #disneyside with my Mickey Cookie Cutters

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I received these cookie cutter in my #disneyside @ home celebration box from Disney and Mom Select. Since then I’ve been in a crazy Mickey Mouse and Disney mood. My kids have been loving it. They even said all their food tastes better when it’s shaped like Mickey. Below are a few ideas I’ve made. I also plan on making Mickey scrambled eggs and pancakes this coming weekend. And who knows, I might come up with more ideas in the next coming weeks and make another post with them.

The first thing people think of when using cookie cutter is making cookies. I used a simple sugar cookie recipe to make Mickey head, hand and star cookies. I then bought colored sugar to make them stand out more.

I then thought of breakfast foods. Below are french toast Mickey heads and “Toad in a hole” Mickey holes and cut outs. My kids want me to make these like this all the time.

I saw this next idea on the Disney Side @ Home Celebration facebook group (sorry, tried to find who it was but couldn’t find their post. If this was you please let me know so I can link back to you.). It’s tortilla shells cut out with the Mickey head. I then rubbed a bit of oil on them, sprinkled them with salt and baked them for 5 minutes. They make a great healthy snack, we dip them in hummus.

What lunch wouldn’t be complete without Mickey? Below are two lunches I’ve made for my kids. Both have sandwiches cut out with Mickey, one even has a cheese hat. I also included some Mickey tortilla chips. The kids at school want me to make their lunch too.

What’s some ideas you have that we could use the Mickey cookie cutters for? Please post them below. If I use your idea I will be sure to give you a shout out in my next post. Thank you.

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