“The Jungle Book” Blu-ray Combo Pack- review

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My Thoughts-
THE JUNGLE BOOK: DIAMOND EDITION Available on Blu-ray Combo Pack today!!!

“The Jungle Book” was one of my favorite movies growing up! WELL before the Diamond edition came out I was singing the songs. My kids had no clue what I was singing but they heard it anyway. I’d also make fun and scratch my back on a door frame and say “I’m just like Baloo”. So when I heard the movie was being re-released I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

We watched this movie this weekend with my kids. They loved the songs and thought Mowgli was so cute. Moo wanted me to say that she LOVED the movie and wants to watch it again. They both did say that they didn’t like the “tiger guy”, he was scary and mean.

Watching this movie as an adult I saw it in a different perspective. I saw that we can be friends and help each other out even if we are different from each other. I’m mean if, a boy, a bear, a panther can work together for the same cause, why can’t we. They even showed that friends cab have conflict and still be friends. That’s a pretty cool message in my books.

I would also suggest checking out the bonus features. My kids loved Bear-e-okie, singing along with all the songs from the movie. I loved the alternate ending they shared, it would have made the movie totally different.

I’m glad we now have this movie in our collection. The classics are always fun to watch with my kids.

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