“All Things Hidden” by Tracie Peterson & Kimberley Woodhouse book review

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My Thoughts-
“All Things Hidden” by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse

This book takes place in 1935, before Alaska is a US State. Gwyn Hillerman and her father, Dr. Harold Hillerman live in Alaska. Gwyn has learned to be a nurse by watching her dad for over 20 years. Her mother left with her sister to move back to Chicago, her mother thought Alaska was too back woods and unsophisticated. The US government decides to use the open land in Alaska to bring up a couple hundred families to help build US moral during the depression. This a concern for Dr. Hillerman, they are already stretched with their time helping the locals and natives of the land. So he invited an old friend from Chicago to join him, Dr.Jeremiah Vaughan. Dr. Jeremiah accepts the offer but only because of some difficult situations he’s encountered in Chicago. He keeps this a secret from Dr. Hillerman but it’s eating away at him too.

Once in Alaska Dr. Jeremiah starts to fall in love with Gwyn, but he feels it’s wrong because of his past. They are all kept busy with all the new people coming, so a chance for romance is slim anyway. There are several horrible things happening since the new people arrived. Will Gwyn and Dr Jeremiah fall in love? With Dr Jeremiah’s secrets come out? What will people think of him if they do? Will the new people be able to handle the harsh winter?

This book started out slow for me. I had a hard time really getting into the story and getting to know the characters. But I stuck with the book and I’m glad I did. I got taken into a world from way back. I was part of this group, I felt as if I could feel the pain and loss everyone was experiencing. They book is really well written and the descriptions really help you see what is going on.

I also loved how Gwyn and Dr Jeremiah were having spiritual battles. It made them real. It helped show that no one is perfect and even if you think you’re on track with God that doesn’t mean life will be perfect either. I loved that the authors included scripture and also showed how it applied for the day.

If you enjoy historical, Christian romance books I think you will enjoy this book too.

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