Disney’s “THE PIRATE FAIRY” Available on Blu-ray Combo Pack on April 1st- review

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My Thoughts-
THE PIRATE FAIRY- Available on Blu-ray Combo Pack on April 1st

From the world of “Peter Pan” comes “The Pirate Fairy”. My girls love all things Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. I think it’s great that Disney’s new animated movie includes aspects of both. The movie starts out with us meeting a new fairy, Zarina, who is a dust-keeper fairy. She has an idea of using the special blue dust to create other dusts. She is warned to not do this. After a issue with some dust she invented she leaves Pixie Hollow to get away from the outcast feeling she is experiencing. She then joins a group of pirates. She goes back to Pixie Hollow and steals the blue dust. Tinkerbell and her friends must go get it back, but it seems it might be impossible with their talents switched.

We meet Captain Hook before her became Captain Hook. We also get to see more of Never Land, the land we read about in the Peter Pan stories. Plus we see the birth of the Tic Toc Croc.

As with all the movies with Tinkerbell, we love this movie! My girls have been playing Pirate Fairies all weekend. They love the baby Tic Toc Croc. He’s so cute and looks so cuddly. They’ve asked for a baby Croc stuffed animal for their birthdays.

It was fun for us to also watch the special features. We learn all about Crocodiles in a fun and silly way. We also learned about the vision the writers had for the movie and how they brought to life Never Land. We also enjoyed the sing-a-long portion of the special features. There is also two cute annimated shorts with the fairies.

If you’re a fan of Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Tinkerbell you must see this movie. It’s a great one to add to your collections. This is also a great movie teaching about friendship and forgiveness, something we all need a reminder of.


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