Disney’s “FROZEN” is available on Blu-ray combo pack on March 18th- reivew

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My Thoughts-
Disney’s “FROZEN” is available on Blu-ray combo pack on March 18th.


You see that smile up there? Yep, that pretty much sums up how excited we are to have a copy of Disney’s 2x Oscar winning film for best song and animated feature. This wins are totally well deserved.

As a family we went to see the movie in the theaters. From that day we have been singing the music and talking about when the movie will be available on DVD/Blu-ray. My kids also want “Frozen” themed birthday parties. I also have to admit I’m addicted to listening to the songs and secretly was excited to own this movie. And to show you how much we LOVE this movie, we’ve had it for two and a half days and have watched it 3 times so far.

The movie is based after Hans Christian Andersen’s story “The Snow Queen”. Elsa and Ana are sisters, the movie opens up with the two young girls playing in snow and ice that Elsa can create. There is an accident and Else is forced to hide her gift from everyone, including her sister. We see them grow up and one day it’s time for Else to be declared Queen. Through a series of events she accidentally sets the town into an eternal winter. Ana must find her sister and bring back Summer.

The music is catchy, the story line moves smoothly, there is romance, comedy, sadness and family. I would suggest if you have younger kids that might scare easily that you watch it first. There is a giant snow monster that could be scary to some. Otherwise I think the rest of the movie is a perfect family film for ALL ages.

There are several hidden Disney references throughout the movie. Two we noticed right away is the candy from Wreck it Ralph plus a royal appearance from Rapunzel and Eugene from Tangled. Let me know if you see them.

I watched the special features. I would HIGHLY suggest you watch the “Making of Frozen”, you’re in for a sweet surprise. We keep watching that part over and over, it’s so cool. If you watch closely you will see an appearance from Kent Boyd, who was on So You Think You Can Dance and Teen Beach Movie.

This is a must have for your movie collection. It’s going to be a classic one day.

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