“Eyes Closed Tight” by Peter Leonard (my book review)

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My Thoughts-
“Eyes Closed Tight” by Peter Leonard

O’Clair is a former homicide detective from Detroit who is now living in Florida running a hotel. One morning he sees a pool chair missing, when he finds it he finds a dead girl with her eyes missing. This murder is similar to an old murder case he had in Detroit. Soon there are more dead bodies found and it leads O’Clair back to Detroit to look at his old case. What he discovers will change everything for everyone. Even his loved ones are in danger.

This was a really good murder mystery book. It’s intense right from the start and kept me turning the pages. The author did an excellent job of building the characters and getting you hook on them. He also does a great job at building the suspense and making you sit on the edge of your seat wanting to know who done it and how it’s all going to end.

The book does go into some gory details and it not for the faint at heart. You will feel like you are standing right next to the dead bodies as you are reading through the story. The book even has a bit of romance added in, just to give it a bit of a different flavor for the story.

If you enjoy intense murder mystery, detective book, I think you would enjoy this. I loved this book and loved Peter Leonard’s writing style.

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