Home Improvement on a tiny budget

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Some people thought we had gone a little crazy. The day after we got back from March break vacation we decided to switch up the house. We moved our two girls into our “old” room, the baby into our oldest’s “old” room, the play room into our middle child’s/baby’s “old” room and moved our room into the “old” playroom. We decided to do this all in one day. They had a reason to think we were crazy. The kids’ rooms were an easy switch over and gave them all more space to move around in. Our new room was a project for us.

We’ve been married for almost 14 years now and we’ve never done any kind of decorating in our homes. We usually leave them white and blah. We decided it was time for a change, but we didn’t have a lot of money to do it with. We took to Kijiji for a lot of what we needed. My husband found used laminate flooring in really amazing shape for a extremely low price. He tore up the old carpet and did the laying of the laminate by himself. I think it looks incredible!


Our new room was bigger then before and we had a perfect corner to add a reading chair in. We found a really cute and comfy chair on Kijiji. It looks perfect in the corner, I’m now just looking for a carpet to go underneath for more comfort. Next to my reading chair I added a new “friend” a Beta Fish named, Electric Blue or EB for short. He’s beautiful.


We then headed to Target to find new bedding, our old bedding was 5 years old and just didn’t fit right into the new room. We found this orange chevron set that made our room look bigger and brighter.


We thought we were done for now. We still wanted to paint the walls and replace the baseboards but those would have to wait. We spent a bit more then we wanted on an armoire from Walmart, it’s perfect and we needed it but just wasn’t prepared to pay full price for it (our Kijiji search came up empty for our needs). We also wanted to add some art work above our bed but everything we found would have cost us more then $100. I then came up with this awesome idea, we could create our own. I found 3 18×24 canvas panels and some paint that matched our bedding. The total cost for all three panels & paint was less then $26. It felt great to save money and we felt some pride in knowing we made these.


We didn’t have to do anything fancy or spend a lot of money to have a room that looks amazing. We still have a few minor things we want to do but those can wait for a while. We’re hoping to paint the walls, add an area rug under my reading chair and get new lamp shades. Nothing big and nothing necessary.

If you’re looking to do some home improvements I would suggest looking for used items, they usually sell at a fraction of the price you’d pay new. And I’d also suggest creating your own things, and do as much of the work by yourself as possible.

Is there a room in your house you wish you could spruce up?