“Irreplaceable” in theaters for ONE night! May 7, 2014!! (in Canada)

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My Thoughts-
I was given the opportunity to attend a pre-screening of a new Focus on the Family movie called, “Irreplaceable”. It’s only in the theatres on May 7th. You can check out the Cineplex website for theatres and showtimes. (I believe this movie is showing the the USA on May 6th.)

“Irreplaceable” takes on the journey of one man (Tim Sisarich) to find out what is family. How it’s changed and what the Bible says about. I went into this movie thinking I would find out ways to “fix” this world and it’s immoralities. I came out of the movie asking how I can change MYSELF and be there for my family the way God wants me to. This movie will change how you look internally at yourself, and have you asking how you can help your family and in turn help the world. Below are some points I took away from the movie.

I had wished I had brought paper with me, I was jotting notes on any slip of paper I could find. There was so much to take in.

Tim Sisarich travels the world looking for answers to the family question. He talks to people on the streets, scholars and pastors about their view on family. He addresses, sexuality, the role of the mother, the role of the father and the role of children in the family today.

Tim found that a lot of people think divorce equals happiness, it’s the norm. However after talking with many people he could see that people were not happy and they longed for love. He also addressed sexuality. It’s all about what I want, when I want it. He kept a theme that ended up stating (this is paraphrased) “When you devalue sex you actually devalue marriage. When you devalue marriage you devalue the importance of being a parent. When you devalue the parent role you devalue your children.” It’s tough to hear and some might get defensive about it all but if you really think about it, it’s true. The movie goes deeper into why these are true and gives many examples and talks with people about their personal experience.

What’s wrong with the family? I AM. I need to love like Christ and show my children how to love like Christ. Until I can do that there is no “fixing” the world. No family is perfect, mine is FAR from it. However God is waiting for us to come back to him. Like the prodigal son. I loved this as well, I’m not sure if the quote was from the movie or something someone said in our discussion after the movie. But it is something I took away from the movie, “It’s better to be part of a REDEEMED family then a perfect family.”

In June of this year Focus on the Family will be releasing a follow-up 12 week Small group in-home study. There will be 20-30 minute videos each with along with discussion questions to follow. This will tie into “Irreplaceable”. You can pre-order this study from thefamilyproject.ca. “Irreplaceable” will be out on DVD sometime in August.

I think it would be great for churches to gather a group of people up to go see this movie. (There is a discount for groups over 20). I do want to put a strong warning on this, they talk about sexuality and have some images that would not be appropriate for children to see, please do not take them to see this movie.

Family is a tough subject to address. Not everyone will be happy to hear that they need to fix themselves, but it’s something I think we ALL need to hear and think about. Hope you can go see this movie. I’d love to hear what you think.

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