It’s time to start pumping, insuling pumping that is.

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Our daughter has had type 1 diabetes for over a year now and she’s faced around 1610 insulin injections. In Canada you can qualify for a free government paid insulin pump after you’ve had T1D for one year. We couldn’t wait for the time to come. Our poor child is covered in little bruises and still cries when we have to poke her. With an insulin pump she would only need one poke every 3 days. That’s exciting for all of us. For my husband and I we are excited to have more control over her blood sugar numbers, it won’t be perfect but better then it is now. In a few months she will be hooked up to s CGM (continual glucose monitor), and that will help her sugar numbers get even better. With the CGM we will see almost real time BG numbers all the time. We will be alerted to a sugar low or high before it happens.


Yesterday my husband and I had a 3 hour training session with our daughter’s diabetic nurse. There is so much to learn about this insulin pump. It’s a bit overwhelming and stressful. So many numbers to figure out and buttons to push. After our session our nurse had us put in infusion set into our bellies. Infusion sets are the “needle” that goes into our child’s stomach to bring the insulin from the pump into her body. I was bracing myself for pain but I was surprise to feel none. I know some people it hurts more and that other places on the body can be more sensitive, but I was glad it didn’t hurt for my first time. I hope it won’t hurt for our daughter either. After we got our infusion sets in our nurse asked if we’d like to be hooked up to the pump for a few weeks with saline solution. We would input our daughter’s blood sugar numbers and carbs eaten into the pump and have it act like it was on her.


I am now a pumping mom for the next three days. After the three days are over Chris, my husband, will get hooked up. I love that we get to experience a bit of what our child will go through, I can understand a little of how it feels to have it on. I’m sad this is her life but glad for the technology we have to make her life a bit easier. I’ve found the pump to be in the way at times, when sleeping, working out or doing housework. I push though it because I know my little girl has no choice, this will be on her 24/7, 365 days a year. Below is me getting ready to rock it out in my workout with the pump on. I did 30 minutes of cardio and the pump had no issues staying on.


Our daughter will start pumping on April 28th. She scared but a bit excited. I think once she gets use to the routine of having it on she will be happy with it.