“The Jupiter Chronicles: The Ice Orphan of Ganymede”- #book review

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My Thoughts-
“The Jupiter Chronicles: The Ice Orphan of Ganymede” book #2 by Leonardo Ramirez

Before you read book #2 of the Jupiter Chronicles I would highly suggest you read the first book. There are a lot of things you might not understand if you don’t read them in order. I enjoyed the first book so much that I couldn’t wait to read the second.

Ian and Callie are two kids (brother & sister) that just found out their father is from Jupiter and the reasons behind him missing for some much of their lives. In the first book they take a trip to Jupiter and find out some many strange things bout their father and his life. In the second book we start out with Ian extremely sick. No doctor on Earth can make him better and they say he will die soon. Callie decides to go back to Jupiter with Ian to see if they can find a way to heal him. “When Ian and Callie return to Jupiter to find a cure, they discover that the secret may be found in the Book of Ganymede. But now, the book is missing.” They must find this book before it’s too late. While in Space they have to play a game to win what they need to heal Ian. While playing this game they meet someone very interesting. Little do they know but their world is going to change again.

I love these books. They are a short read and geared towards ages 7-10. Everything is run on steam and everything seems old. It gives the steampunk feel. The book takes you on a wild and crazy adventure. I felt like I was another sibling traveling with them and facing the same challenges.

I was reading an unfinished version for the second book but I’m assuming it will be formatted the same way as the first book. Each chapter has a title letting me know where the story is going. In between every few chapters their are little facts about Jupiter and the nation that lives there. This little section make the story come even more alive and even more real to me as the reader.

I can’t wait for another book to come out. I want to go on another adventure with Ian and Callie and their friends. I’d even love to see these stories become a short movie or TV series.

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