Horrible experience shopping from nuNaat Online (beware)

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I’m not one to post negative reviews. If I don’t like a product or company I just don’t post about them. However, I feel I need to post this since I posted a review about this product in the past.

Back in October of 2013 I reviewed a product of the nuNaat line called Real Me Curl- to- Coil. I LOVE this product. I loved it so much I asked my husband to buy more of the shampoo and conditioner. He went to the official nuNaat website and clicked on the “shop” button. There he found a button to nuNaat online. This is where I will start my BEWARE. nuNaat ONLINE it NOT part of nuNaat, this is one of their APPROVED distributors. The logo on nuNaat Online and the layout of the page made us believe we were purchasing from the actual nuNaat company. It’s deceiving.

My husband placed an order for two bottles of shampoo, two bottles of conditioner and one bottle of another hair product in January. In February we received one bottle of each. My husband contacted them with this error. They said they would get the other bottles out to us shortly. Nothing came. He has continued to try and contact them with no reply. I then contacted the rep I was in contact with for my reviews asking them to help, this was on April 8th. At the first contact I was under the assumption that nuNaat online and nuNaat were the same people (see above to why).

When they replied they were confused. They said they didn’t sell their line directly. That is when I found out that nuNaatonline.com was only a distributor. My contact however was very kind and said she would contact them for me. A week went by and I contacted my nuNaat contact again (April 14) letting them know we haven’t heard anything from their distributor. They said they would contact them again. Still nothing so I contacted my contact on April 22. This time they said they would forward our phone number to the distributor.

As of today May 6th there still has been no contact from nuNaatonline.com to us. They have $25 of our money, they in my eyes are stealing from us. I can no longer support a company that allows this from their distributors. It breaks my heart, I love their product.

I’m only posting this because I have shared nuNaat with you , my readers, and I don’t want you to loose money like we did.