I’m back out running again!!

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I’m back out running again. Actually I started running again 3 weeks ago. I didn’t want to post anything until I knew I’d be sticking with it. I don’t know why I doubted I’d stick with it, I LOVE running, I thrive off of it! It’s officially the first time out since rupturing my Achilles’ Tendon in August 2012.


That fall was a HUGE blow to my health and fitness. I was running every day, my legs were strong and sexy and I had more energy then I ever thought I could have. So why did it take so long to get back out? The month I was given the go ahead to run we found out I was pregnant (January 2013), I have high risk pregnancies and I didn’t want to start running until the doctor gave me the go ahead, he never did. I then had my baby in August 2013 via c-section. Just as I was given the go ahead to run after the c-section I ended up in the hospital with more kidney stones. I had to have surgery to remove them. Then we had this wild winter and I went into a depression. Once Spring came I said, “that’s enough, I need to get back out there and run”. I’m glad I picked my legs back up and went out for that first run. It felt great, my legs were tired and burning, my lungs felt like they couldn’t breath, but I LOVED it, I felt free. Running clears my mind.


My oldest daughter has been begging for me to take her on a run, so this past week I had her run with me. We’re starting off slow and following the Couch to 5K program, so it’s a bit of running then walking to recover. I’ve noticed that my speed has increased from when I was running before and I hope I’ll be running a full 5K by the end of June with no problems. To challenge me I have signed up for the Color Me Rad 5K at the end of June.


I’m hoping to convince my daughter to go back out with me. She said it was “too hard” and doesn’t want to do it again. I’m trying to tell her that it’s always hard in the beginning and doing it over and over will make it easier. *fingers crossed*