“Mom’s Night Out” movie review

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My Thoughts-
It was date night with my oldest daughter tonight. We decided to go see “Mom’s Night Out”. The movie opened with a mom writing on her “mommy blog”. Right there the movie pulled me in. This mom sounded like me, she was writing how I think, it was like she was me.

This mom tries her best to e the best mom in the world. A messy house drives her crazy. Her kids are a tornado behind her causing a mess and chaos. She goes to church and sees all these other women who have it all together. She’s at her breaking pint and decides to plan a mom’s night out. Her and her friends go out on what they hoped would be a night to relax and unwind from the craziness called life. Little did they know it will only get crazier. However in the end they realize that being a mom is the most important, most incredible job ever.

I LOVED this movie. I laughed so hard that I was crying. And at the end of the movie I was crying because I LOVE my job. I love my kids. I may try to have a perfect looking house. I may try to have the perfect acting kids. I may try to be perfect myself. But in the end those things don’t matter. What matters is I love my kids, my kids are happy, my husband is happy and as a family we rock.

This past year and a half has been so tough for me. I feel like I’m only a half-time mom. I’ve had a lack of energy from having a new baby, health issues and a newly diagnosed child with T1D. My house isn’t as clean as I would like. I don’t get up in time to make lunches for my kids. But I know that I’m a good mom, my kids love me. I loved that “Mom’s Night Out” made me realize this. (I do want to say I have the most AMAZING husband in the world. He’s taken over a lot of my “job” when it comes to the kids and the house. He does it without complaining and has helped me gain back my energy and help me stay sane.)

Everyone needs to see this movie. It’s so funny and really does show the insanity of a mom’s life, even if it’s a bit out there.

I LOVE my kids. They are my life.