The NEW Hallmark television series “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”- review

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My Thoughts-
I was given the opportunity to watch a pre-screening on Hallmark televisions NEW series called “Signed, Sealed, Delivered“. The executive producer of Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Martha Williamson, was also the executive producer of Touched By an Angel. I used to LOVE watching new episodes of Touched By an Angel, so I couldn’t wait to see what “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” was like.

The TV show follows for US postal workers that have the task of finding the recipient or deliverer of a lost letter. They use a lot of detective work to find the rightful owner. After the letter is delivered it doesn’t stop there the group then tries to help the people who may be in need with their problems. There is comedy, romance, drama and Scripture verses used in this show.

I really enjoyed watching this episode. It was cute and heartfelt. I had a hard time liking Oliver O’Toole, the boss of the group. He seemed a bit too harsh and “by the book” kind of guy. However by the end of the episode he loosened up and I’m starting to like him. Shane McInerney, is a women with a heart who really wants to help all those in need, she just has to get through to Oliver O’Toole (who I think she has a crush on). Rita Haywith and Norman Dorman are the brains of the group. I can also see that they have a very close relationship.

If you’d like to watch “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” you can turn to your Hallmark channel on SUNDAYS, 8/7c. It’s worth the watch. It’s nice to have some good wholesome TV shows out there that you can watch with you whole family.

I have some AWESOME news! The American Bible Society has built a Bible study to go with the series,
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