Two weeks of officially pumping insulin

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On April 28th our daughter was officially hooked up to her Medtronic insulin pump with actual insulin. She’s extremely happy to not be poked 4 times a day with insulin needles. Now she only has to change her site every 3 days. It’s still scarey for her and she screams when it’s happening, however we know from experience that it doesn’t hurt going in. Her daddy, sister and I all tested out putting a site into our tummies.

The first week was a long one for us. Two medial appointments, testing her blood sugar (poking her finger) every hour for the first day and every two hours for the days after that (more if she had low blood sugar), and many stressful times. I slept maybe 2-3 hours a night and she slept in bed with me so I could keep a close eye on her. She also missed the whole week of school.

This second week has been a bit better for her. Her blood sugars have started to get more level and Chris has taken over nighttime checks so I could get some sleep. I got sick from the lack of sleep and needed rest. We’re still battling low blood sugars and recently high blood sugars with high keytones. I still worry about her at night and my heart leaps when she wakes up in the morning, I’m so glad she survived. She started back up with school and I worried for her safety and hoped she wouldn’t have a low.

She saw her diabetic nurse on Thursday this week and her nurse is very pleased with how our daughter is doing. I guess all these ups and downs are normal for a insulin pump start. I’m hoping after one more week we will be on a good track.

Below is a photo I created. In our daughter’s first week of pumping she went through over 100 test strips. That is having her finger poked over 100 times in only 7 days. The test strips in this photo are filled with her blood. They bring tears to my eyes. We need to find a cure. Until their is a cure I’m very glad we have such amazing medial intervention to keep her with us.


I want to end with another photo of my daughter and her new doll. A diabetes mom created it. It has an insulin pump. My daughter got so excited to have a dolly just like her. “A doll that has diabetes like me. I never thought there would be a doll just like me.” She’s often said how sad she was that none of her TV shows had someone with diabetes. I think she feels alone with this sometimes. Thank you Amy for the cute doll, she comes with us everywhere we go.