“Bash and the Chicken Coop Caper” written by Burton W. Cole- my book review

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My Thoughts-
A few months back I shared my thoughts with you on the book, “Bash and the Pirate Pig”. Now I have the opportunity to share with you my thoughts on the newest Bash book, “Bash and the Chicken Coop Caper” by Burton W. Cole.

Bash and his cousin Beamer are at it again. This time it’s winter and someone or something has been stealing the chicken eggs and leaving strange items behind. Bash and his cousin are on the hunt to find out who it is. In the mean time they get into their usual trouble. Beamer would be happy to just sit inside where it’s warm and he can read his comics but Bash has other ideas. They are needing to fulfill their mission to do all the Fruits of the Spirit. Somethings they do are riding a pig to rescue people, dig a fort and protect the land, and host a snow animal contest judged by the animals. As with the last Bash book it’s full of mischief and mayhem.

I LOVE these books. They are written for pre-teens but I love them anyway. It’s fun to go on their adventures and I laugh so hard at the misadventure to follow. My 8 year old daughter loves reading these books too. I’m not sure if she’s old enough to get all the humor but she still loves them and thinks they kids are silly. I also love that Bash brings the Bible (“Farmin’ and Fishin’ book”) into each situation. His heart is in the right place, he just goes about things differently.

I said this in my last review and I still mean it, “I would totally recommend this product to families with kids, boy or girl. I’d even recommend this book to adults too. It makes for a fun light reading, leaving you laughing daily.” They are awesome books.

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