Fun day running in the Color Me Rad 5K run in Kitchener, Ontario

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I’m glad to be back out running and to celebrate I joined the Color Me Rad 5K run in a town near me. I’ve never done something like this so I was a bit nervous. I shouldn’t have been, it was a BLAST!!

You are started out in Waves, this is so not everyone is running/walking on top of each other. Once you get going you can either run, walk or a bit of both. I did a bit of both, I ran a total of 3K and walked the other 2K. Through out the race you go through color bomb stations where volunteers blast you with a color. The first station was orange for us. I didn’t get much color on me for it. The second station was yellow, the people throwing were more into it and I got a lot of color this time. We next faced a GIANT hill, I mean it felt like it was straight up, so I started to walk. We then past through the blue station. The blue station we were blasted with blue colored water. Once we got up the hill there was a water station for us to grab a water bottle and rehydrate. We then got to run down hill for a bit (I ran again), at the bottom of the hill was the green station. While running through the green station I tripped on the carpet they have laid out and I smacked my face on the ground and then my knee. I was hurting but I was more worried about people tripping on me, so I hopped up and started running some more. Then there was another huge hill, so I walked again. The last station before the finish was purple. At the finish line they handed out color bomb packets we could use at the entertainment stage for the big finish. This is were everyone got pummeled with a ton of color.

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I had an amazing time. The runners were all encouraging to one another and the pace that most people were running was a perfect pace for me. I plan on doing this run again next year, I’m hoping to bring my oldest on the run with me.

One thing people asked me is if it washes out. I got most of it off my skin with one shower, I love my funky sock line after taking my shoes off, it all washed out no problems. My clothes have been washed once but the color has not come out fully yet (washing them again as I type).

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Have YOU done a color run? Have you done any other “fun” runs? Let me know about them in the comment section below.

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