It’s time to party with “Planning Perfect Parties”- giveaway prize pack (US ONLY)

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“School is (almost) out, summer is here and it’s time to PARTY! Planning Perfect Parties: The Girls’ Guide to Fun, Fresh, Unforgettable Events by Capstone Young Readers gives girls all the tools they need to have a fun and festive time with friends on any occasion. Planning Perfect Parties walks readers through every step of the planning process, making it a breeze to host anything from a small sleepover to an event for the whole class. Parents will appreciate the practicality of the shopping lists, budget guides and invitation etiquette tips as much as girls enjoy the party themes, quizzes and craft-it-yourself decorations. The interactive book is created for the digital age, with QR codes sprinkled throughout that provide access to free online content such as customizable invites, recipes and downloadable decor — as well as a Mizz Manners’ blog offering free advice on hostess do’s and don’ts, monthly contests and new party themes.

Designed with an eye toward pre-teen tastes, the pages are filled with bright colors, fun graphics and illustrative photos. Each of the funky themes offered — from a ‘Stache Bash to a fun twist on game night entitled You’ve Got Game — provides everything from invitation designs and party favors to recipes and games, making the step-by-step guide the perfect gift for girls of all ages.”

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28 Comments on “It’s time to party with “Planning Perfect Parties”- giveaway prize pack (US ONLY)

  • Kimberly Schotz

    Parties when I was a child were much simpler. I always had wonderful parties. I think my favorite was my surprise 16th birthday party. My mother hid the supplies in the laundry room since she knew that was the one area I would never enter.

  • I was the unpopular poor kid at a private school so I really didn’t have parties or get invited to them. I know… don’t you just hear those violins playing. But believe me my daughter reaps the rewards of my party-less youth! Last year, she had an Adventure Time party complete with candy buffet, costume and custom made decorations. Everyone who was invited showed up plus some! It was great!

  • My favorite memory is having my birthday party at Rivertown, which was similar to Chuck E Cheese, but featured a dog.

  • I can remember when i got my first bike. Our family didnt have a lot of money and i know how hard it was for them to get it for me.

  • I really did not have any themed parties growing up – but my kids have gotten chuck e cheese and superhero ones

  • When I was 13 my parents rented two hotels rooms, we have a big party then the girls stayed in one room and the boys in another.

  • All my birthday parties were great as a kid. I remember getting a smurf pedal car one year and I loved it!

  • All my birthday parties were great. Spent with family and friends and my girlfriends staying the night doing crazy things.

  • My favorite party memory was when my parents were together and we’d have family barbecues :D

  • One memory I had as a kid was having our birthday (my twin and I) at a roller skating rink and being able to invite our friends up there. It was so much fun. We had a ball skating to music and disco ball.

  • we didn’t call them parties when I was young…they were sleepovers and you made it a party

  • my birthday is less than a week before halloween, so every year through my childhood, and even now when I throw a party, I have a halloween themed party. I remember one year my mom took me and a bunch of my friends to a haunted house and some of them had never been before. it was hilarious!~

  • Sarah Gillespie

    My favorite party memory for me was my 10th birthday at the ice skating rink!

  • when i was 8 years old i had a birthday party at a skating rink. it was so much fun and my favorite part was that i got an opal ring, which i had been wanting for a long time.

  • My best memory is of my thirteenth birthday. All my friends from school were there, there was music, dancing punch etc. It was definitely one of my best parties as a child.


  • My favorite memory growing up is “The big Malave 4th of July BBQ” Every year my Grandparents would throw a huge bash and all the family was invited it always had a pig roast, marshmallow roasting, sparklers and of course fireworks

  • I remember having a lunch and movie party. My birthday is in December, so it’s cold. But, my mom loaded up my friends in the car and we went to the movies and out to eat. It was so much fun. I think I was about 10.

  • My favoirte memory was when I was 7. We had just arrived in Turkey where my dad was stationed. It was also my birthday and since we had not seen him for 4 months it was like getting the best birthday gift and party in the world.

  • My favorite birthday party was when we rented out the whole water park to ourselves.

  • Favorite party memory was going to chuckEcheese, always loved going there to see the mouse on my birthday.

  • i remember having a big birthday party with all the girl scouts over for the night.

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