Watching “Man of La Mancha” at the Stratford Festival with my pa (#sfLaMancha)

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Back in 1990 my dad played the part of Sancho in our community theater’s presentation of “Man of La Mancha“. So when I heard that the Stratford Festival was presenting “Man of La Mancha” I just had to find a way to get my pa up here to see it. This past week my parents were visiting from Iowa, so I decided to purchase tickets for my pa and I to go to Stratford.

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We LOVED the show. In fact I could see it brought back many memories for my pa. His heart will always be part of the theater. During intermission we went to the front of the auditorium to have a closer look of the stage. The details were simply amazing. We loved the windmill in the background with the ever changing sky. The lanterns on the stage did slow fades in and out to give it a real light effect.

The acting and singing was AMAZING! I’ve seen this play over and over again when my pa was in it and knew the ending, however I still cried my eyes out at the ending of the Stratford performance. The actors pulled us in to their world of imagination and wonder.

After the show my pa couldn’t stop talking about how amazing Sancho was in this production and how he had done the character like this actor did. While we were in the lobby the actor (Steve Ross) who played Sancho was talking with a few fans. I got excited and brought my pa to met him. “This my dad, he drove from Iowa to see this production. 24 years ago he played Sancho in their town’s production.” My pa was choked up and very honored to get to meet Steve Ross. Thank you for taking the time to let us say “hi”.

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If you’re looking for something to do this Summer I highly recommend seeing “Man of La Mancha” or any of the other amazing productions in Stratford.

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